Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How to make money with Google

There is an article in NY Times about how Google stopped someone's livelihood with their advertising program:

SourceTool.com no more making moola

One of the most interesting parts was how the site was making money:

Mr. Savage estimates that he was paid around 10 cents every time someone clicked an ad on his site. The difference between that and what he paid Google to advertise against search terms — usually around 5 or 6 cents —was his profit.

He made as much 115,000$ in a single month!!! (for a site that honestly isn't that great....sourcetool.com)

Imagine that…a seven figure salary for just a single search site. He is a genius for gaming the google system to that level, though 10 cents for every click is pretty high.

Well then…good bye finance blog, hello search site! :)

Edit: this is what his "new and improved" site looks like (i.e. there are only these orange bands at the top of the site, but at least it makes the million dollar site more presentable):

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