Saturday, September 4, 2010

Analysis of Dollarama

-32 per cent of its sales now are paid for with debit cards
-From a credit-card standpoint we have concluded — following our 12-month test period — that we will not implement the credit card service as it has had no significant impact, negative or positive, on our sales
-No franchises, all stores are owned and managed by Dollarama's corporate headquarters
-IPO in 2009, now we can detailed information on it's business due to public disclosures such as like the annual report
-Same-store sales, which measure revenues from stores open at least a year, grew by 7.8 per cent
-The year-earlier results included a $21.3-million gain on foreign exchange derivatives...they take part in foreign exchange hedging even though it is a purely Canadian company.
-623 stores stores in total
-Nearly 40 per cent of items sold in its 623 stores across the country are priced at more than $1. That's up from 24 per cent a year ago and 34 per cent in the previous quarter.
-Sales grew by 13.2 per cent to $343.5 million in the second quarter, driven by the net addition of 12 stores.
-The average transaction at the retailer was up 6.2 per cent in its latest quarter compared with a year ago as the stores continued to expand their offerings of items priced above beyond their usual "everything for a buck" level.

Individual store sales is 2.2 million:
1. Sales for all quarters, extrapolate by using second-quarter sales: $343.5 million in the second quarter times four = $1.374 billion
2. 623 stores total
3. $1.374 billion divided by 623 comes out to a per-store revenue of $2.2 million

Store expanding at a relatively slow rate - it's a sign to explore other geographic markets such as the United States:
2% store expansion rate - 12 new stores out of the 623 stores

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