Saturday, August 21, 2010

Distance and Online MBA degrees

With the rise of for-profit schools and the popularity of business degrees, there's a greater demand then ever for MBA programs, and along with the demand comes a very large price tag.

Due to this huge price tag, it is well advised to only enter a top business program as the return on investment will be low otherwise. Salary, recruiter demand and prestige are much higher for top schools, but not all of us can quit our jobs, relocate our families for the 1 to 2 years it takes to complete these programs, and the online programs tend to be low prestige and offered by non top-tier universities. But don't fret, here's a list I complied of top online and distance programs (the list is only 2 schools due to a lack of top schools offering solid distance programs):

1) Cornell–Queen’s Executive MBA
2 MBA degrees granted at the end of this 18 month distance program, offered 3 weekend days per month in 20 metropolitain cities in North America via teleconferencing equipment:

NewYork, Syracuse, Buffalo, Ithaca, Salem, Washington, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Portland, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver

Also, there is no mention of "Executive" on the two MBA degrees, they are considered normal MBA degrees, this is not a bad thing as some people consider EMBA programs to be diluted versions of the normal MBA programs.

Tuition: prace for it....98,000$!

2) Kelley School of Business - Indiana University
Online program by a lesser known Top 20 United States MBA program.

Tuition: 995$ per semester credit, since there's 51 credits: 50,745$

Note: tuition is cheaper if you take the non-online program at Kelley! Of course, then you would have to factor loss of income and room&board costs.

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