Friday, August 13, 2010

Three small sales tips that you really need to know

-Small Tip#1: Closed on Mondays

Why don't most small businesses leave their shop open on Sunday or even extend their hours on Sunday while closing on Mondays ? Mondays are probably the slowest business day for a lot of different businesses...

It's most likely that these small shops with the owner being the manager, cashier, stock boy, cleaner wants to enjoy his weekend too, but the added revenue may be worthwhile...

-Small Tip#2: Upsell right before closing the sale

It's a technique that a lot of business use, but there's still enough companies out there who still don't know how to upsell properly right before the close of a sale.The best way to implement it with online sales, offer a solid feature-base product, and right before they are about to checkout, offer them a stronger feature-base product for slightly more money.A perfect example is from the Veritas GMAT prep courses: they offer a solid class package of 20-30 hours for 1,200-1,500$ and when you click on the Register button, they give you extra premium options such as adding more expensive private tutoring (at a discount to normal tutoring cost!) or Continue on with the normal class package.

-Small Tip#3: Be careful with your marketing words

For example, the word "used" has a lot of negative connatations, that is why the word "pre-owned" is favored. And the car industry has taken it a step further and the used cars go through a mechanical inspection, allowing car dealers to use the word "certified pre-owned vehicules" which sounds a lot nicer then saying "used cars"...

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